mykella + joshua.

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding of a special friend.  Mykella and I met in Chi Alpha 8 years ago.  At the time, Greg and I (not married) were Chi Alpha leaders at the University of Maryland after graduation, and Mykella was a student.  As a student, she was super smart, had a gorgeous smile, was shy, sweet, and chock full of creative ideas.  Not to mention, she had an entrepreneurial streak — the girl started a stationary company in college!  And I have the stylish cards to prove it!

Fast forward 8 years, Mykella introduces Greg and I to her fiance, Joshua — a gentleman, jovial, gregarious and just a godly guy who comes from an amazing family.  I was especially touched by Joshua’s Jamaican grandfather who gave a touching and bold speech about the power of family and togetherness.  Greg and I were also touched by Mykella and Joshua’s decision to have a super simple wedding.  They spent all their savings on a beautiful turn of the century home, instead of a grand wedding.  I’m truly proud of them for their wise decision.  I wish I had done the same! 😉

Mykella + Josh, you are an extraordinary couple!  Many blessings as you live this life together for God and His glory!  Your testimony is powerful, and your love is so evident.  Congratulations!  Here are some of my favorites from their special day!  Special thanks to my second photographer/hubby who gives me the confidence I need to grow as a photographer.  I love shooting with him, and I look forward to the many more photo opportunities we get to capture special moments together!












a sneak peak!!!

Giannis + Sandra

Greg and I shot a lovely wedding yesterday in DC during Hurricane Irene.  It was so much fun.  Here’s a sneak peak of the beautiful couple.  More pictures to come!!!

3 years!

easton, maryland

It’s been three years since Gregory and I said, “I do.”  The wedding and honeymoon all seem like a blur now.  It all went so very fast.  One thing I do remember was how exciting it all was.  It didn’t hit me, the magnitude of it all, until I began to walk down the aisle with my dad.  Up until then, I was just planning an extravagant event — an event that would forever change my life.  For the very good of me.

I really don’t know how I landed a husband such as him.  Alot of days I feel like I don’t deserve him.  I’m not saying he’s perfect — he’s not.  But I am saying he is a special human being.  He’s a kid at heart — but a wise one.  He is so patient with me — even though I make the same mistakes over and over and over again.  He tells me everyday that he loves me — and I can see in his eyes that he really means it.  He is an amazing daddy who loves his baby — his little girl knows it, you can see it in her eyes that she knows she’s loved.  He has a heart that yearns for more of Jesus — and that is so captivating, especially in a husband.

Greg, I love you.  It’s been an amazing 3 years being your wife.  I’ve learned so much about life and living life while being married to you.  Remember that dream I had back in college, junior year?  In it, you were older with salt + pepper speckled hair.  That dream is prophetic of many more wonderful years growing old together.  I have this pleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach that says, it’s going to be some of the loveliest years ahead.  To my husband of 3 years and dearest friend of 8, happy anniversary!

faro, portugal

sevilla, spain