yarn harvest + featured III.

I personally thought it very neat to see a photo from Dhara’s party featured on the Juniper Moon Farm blog (their July 19th post)!  Love this farm for it’s Yarn CSA.  I haven’t signed up yet, but can’t wait to begin investing in their yarn harvest sometime in the future!

Such a great idea for people interested in owning their own sheep, but can’t, and also awesome for people who want a Spinner’s Share in the form of roving — for folks who want to spin their own yarn.  Owning a share of wool crop also allows you to get to know the animals being sheared, which from the looks of it, seems like a great experience.

photos from Juniper Moon Farm

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  1. Oooh! Thanks! Their yarn is gorgeous!


  2. last picture is so precious…they are such cute little darlins.


  3. Gosh! Thanks so much for the lovely post. I am humbled by your interest. 🙂


    1. hi susie! thanks for stopping by! I have always had in interest in sheep, and wool, and shearing, and all that fun stuff! 🙂 i’m so glad there’s a farm like you around for folks like me who can’t do the whole raising sheep thing… love your blog! blessings!


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