hair by zuma aunty

Dhara’s hair is getting longer.  Her bangs literally cover her eyes now.  Thank goodness she lets me put a barrette in so she can see!  My hope is that I won’t have to cut her hair — at least for a long while.  I was always the little girl with the short bob; so I am determined that my little girl have long hair for me to heidi braid and tie up in cute buns.  Let’s see how this pans out!

green girl.

dhara waiting for her great grandparents to come for their weekly visit to play with their great granddaughter. my, does she love them…

She’s my little green girl.  Her middle name means, “meadow by the river.”  I just love that.  She says hello [“hi-lo”] to small birds and hugs big dogs.  We sit around in our beloved nightgowns all day long and laugh and play.  But of course when there is work to be done, my little green girl follows me around in her hurried little step watching ever so curiously what I do and going determinedly where I go.

zaved + nafisa.

It was the first time I met these two, but it felt like I already knew them.  We met on the cobblestone streets of Fells Point in downtown Baltimore.  Fells Point has just the right amount of quirkiness and dilapidated buildings to really make for some fun pictures.

Zaved + Nafisa recently got engaged and the joy that fills these two is really heartwarming.  After their October wedding this fall, they’ll be moving to Australia, where Zaved is from.  I almost forgot how neat Australian accents are!  It was really nice to sit and chat with them at the Daily Grind coffee shop — a super spot for a photo session, natural light, coffee, and biscotti — but moreover it was really nice to sit in the background and capture on digital “film” and video the simple delight of two people who love being together.  Congrats and best wishes to you both!  Below are some of my favorites from the e-session.

sneak peak!

I shot an engagement session a few weeks back in the quirky, Fells Point, in downtown Baltimore.  It was the first time I incorporated video into my photography, and I think I’m in love.  I love how short documentary films capture the sweet + real moments in an artistic way.  I love how they tell stories in a way that photography cannot.  Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, but I also love the idea of a cinematic story — both are oh, so beautiful in different ways.  And incredibly captivating + emotional when used together.

As for my first engagement film, I thought it would be neat to create a “Save the Date”, but by way of a film — so here it is, a sneak peak of Zaved + Nafisa’s engagement shoot.  More photos from the e-session are soon to come!  As for film standards, this film is not perfect.  I need to be more effortless + smooth in my filming — something which can be worked on with more practice.  And practice would be nice right about now because the ideas in my head are overflowing! Overall it makes me happy to watch after the hours of editing.  It’s also super sweet to see two people so in love.

Thanks to my brother for the use of his camera, and my husband for his creative eye.  Make sure to increase the volume.  Music by the lovely Basia Bulat.  [Note: The still photography may look somewhat stretched — I am working on a way to fix this.]

cloth napkins.

Project 2: Cloth Napkins.

Vintage or handmade cloth napkins are a little something-something that make my heart happy.  They show me that you care.  They make a home sweet and cozy. Especially during tea time, with perhaps a side of blackberry tea cake?  My next Home Ec project is two-fold: single sided cloth napkins, and double sided cloth napkins.  My past Home Ec projects can be found here (pin cushion).

stack of handmade cloth napkins

single sided napkins

the zig zag stitch adds a simple decorative touch

double sided napkins

front is 100% cotton, back is 100% linen

the blue ricrac adds a playful touch

me thinks it’s time for a picnic

3 years.

I was going to write about cloth napkins today when I read the below excerpt on my cousin, Becky’s, blog.  It’s about her dear mother who passed away, (my father’s eldest sister, Lilly, whom all of us nieces and nephews endearingly called, Ohio Mommy). It’s so beautiful that it made me weep for Becky’s dear loss, but also for the wonderful example of a mom that Ohio Mommy was.  I can only hope and pray that my kids would remember me in such a beautiful way.  My love and prayers go out to Ohio Mommy’s three children, my cousins, who had the best of the best kinda mom.  I posted Becky’s words below on my blog because I never want to forget them, and because I want to remember how thankful we should be for the dear people God puts in our lives.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years.  3 years since I heard her say my name, 3 years since I looked into her beautiful eyes, and 3 years since I held her hand in mine.  3 years since she saw my sweet babies, 3 years since I became one of those girls who doesn’t have her mom anymore.  And yeah, I often look at my friends who still have their mothers in their lives and I envy them.  I knew the day she died, nothing would feel the same again, and in some ways, that has been true.  Home has become where my children are and the feeling I had when I was around her, I haven’t found anywhere else.  Heaven seems not so distant, and I think about it a lot more than I did before someone I loved so much went to live there.

Some of the sweetest moments with my children have been when they have asked me about her.  “Mommy, when will we see Ohio Ammachy (“Ammachi” in our Indian language means “Grandmother”)?”  “Mommy, tell us a story ’bout when you were a little girl and your mommy told you a story.” “Mommy tell us about when you were sick and your mommy would let you sleep in her bed all night.” “Mom, remember when Ammachi would share her crackers with me?”  “Remember when I would help her put her socks on?”  “Remember when I would show her my dress and she would smile at me?”  And I want to tell them about her, to explain to them, to share with them, the mother I had.  But how do you translate into language, what it is you want to say?  It’s hard to put into words what comes to your mind when you think of her, what you miss the most about her, and how you feel about her not being here now.  It’s like looking back and seeing a shadow.  You know what you think you remember, and what you wish you could forget, and what you long to hold onto.

Mostly, though, you pause now and then, and in your minds’ eye and in your hearts’ memory, you remember a love and a patience so strong and deep and a heart that cherished you and a voice that called you chickadee and prayed with you every morning, and gentle hands that touched your chin and combed your hair into two braids every night before bedtime, and you blink back tears and sometimes you let them fall, and when your small daughter looks at you knowingly and says, “Mom, you miss your Mom?” you hug her so close and snug, and you thank God for His unfathomable wisdom and for family.  The one you had and the one you have.”


I would just like to say that my husband is lovely.  Quite lovely, in fact.  And I don’t mean in the pretty eyes sense.  Yes, he’s got beautiful green eyes, long eyelashes, and awesome hair, but that’s not what I’m referring to.  He’s lovely in a “sit-together-on-a-couch-and-sip-coffee-and-chat” way, or the “me-interrupting-his-quiet-time-in-a-closet-and-us-cuddling” way, or the whole “showing-college-students-the-road-to-Jesus” way, or how about the “explore-a-run-down-old-barn” way.  Let me tell you, what I’m trying to say is at the end of the day, I usually sit back and think, “man, he’s lovely.”

Happy thirty-first birthday to my sweet, adventurous, honorable, upstanding, courageous, and godly husband.  I love his heart + who Christ is making him to be.  I love his desire to serve his family, and his desire to live righteously — it really is a breath of fresh air in a world of compromise and self. I woke up today feeling super blessed to have him in my life.  Love you babes!

(This morning, in elementary school style, I sent Greg off to work with a plate of delectable creamy lemon crumb squares for his birthday to share with his workmates.  He’s so cute with his backpack and plate of lemon squares.)  🙂