zaved + nafisa.

It was the first time I met these two, but it felt like I already knew them.  We met on the cobblestone streets of Fells Point in downtown Baltimore.  Fells Point has just the right amount of quirkiness and dilapidated buildings to really make for some fun pictures.

Zaved + Nafisa recently got engaged and the joy that fills these two is really heartwarming.  After their October wedding this fall, they’ll be moving to Australia, where Zaved is from.  I almost forgot how neat Australian accents are!  It was really nice to sit and chat with them at the Daily Grind coffee shop — a super spot for a photo session, natural light, coffee, and biscotti — but moreover it was really nice to sit in the background and capture on digital “film” and video the simple delight of two people who love being together.  Congrats and best wishes to you both!  Below are some of my favorites from the e-session.

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  1. Love the pictures Susan!


  2. You did an amazing job! Fells point definitely looks way more beautiful and romantic through your camera lens than I’ve seen it in-person!


  3. So pretty. What kind of camera do you use, and what are your favorite lenses?


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