Many have asked, “Is that a bindi (“Indian dot”) on Dhara’s forehead?”  I’d like to answer that question, for those of you who are wondering, with a confident, “no.”  We did not put a bindi on her forehead; rather, God put a birthmark in that exact spot.  Funny.  We’re not exactly sure why, but we’re pretty sure He has a good and valid reason.  On the bright side, it allows my halfsy of a baby to sport the whole ethnic bohemian look.  : ) 

That is, unless it gets bigger — which these birthmarks are prone to do.  We pray that it doesn’t.  This specific birthmark Dhara has is called a “strawberry hemangioma.”  It’s called that because it looks like a strawberry.  Hers is actually the shape of a strawberry.  As a mom, I was initially worried that this birthmark is located on her face — and an obvious one at that.  However, 1) she looks like an Indian baby wearing a bindi, and 2) strawberry hemangiomas usually disappear by age 3.

What is a strawberry hemangioma?  “Hemangiomas are harmless growths that are the result of rapidly dividing cells of the blood vessel walls.  They appear shortly after birth and grow rapidly during the first year of life.  They usually resolve on their own over the next few years.  Hemangiomas can be many different colors, depending on where they are located.  Superficial hemangiomas (also known as strawberry hemangiomas, due to their red color) are located in the top layer of skin.  Hemangiomas affect about 10% of infants, and the risk is about 5 times higher in females than males.  White infants and light skinned infants are at an increased risk for hemangiomas.”

So in the meantime, until her strawberry goes away, I have a beautiful, strawberry bindi wearing baby.  What a little sweetheart.

[peacock blue shawl collared cardigan sweater, from Susie Mey + yarn, from Manos del Urugu’ay.]

2 months old.

Our darling, dear Dhara turns 2 months old tomorrow.  Boy does time fly.  She’ll be graduating from high school before we know it!  ; )  It’s been so very lovely to watch her these past two months.  It seems like her little personality just popped up out of no where.  A coy toothless grin here, some babbly baby talk there — and this little gal has already snuggled herself into all of our hearts.

This munchkin of a girl is so funny.  She lulls herself to sleep as we rock her — it actually sounds like she’s singing herself a little melody.  She also gives you a huge smile if you talk to her.  If she’s in a good mood, you don’t even have to say a word, just look at her, and you’ll get that adorable smile anyway.  Hmmm…it really makes my heart smile when I see her smile.  I sense something so satisfying in her smiles.  Her smiles let me know her satisfaction and contentment.  I pray God would give her the grace to always be satisfied and content with the life He’s given her.

She sneezes in three’s.  I don’t know if I know anyone that sneezes in three’s.  Her eyelashes have grown longer — I always wondered why boys got the long, thick lashes!?!  Though, when I look at my girly, I do love how delicate and sweet hers look.  Plus, now I know guys have the thick lashes because of testosterone.  She has chubby cheeks — I just want to kiss them all day long, but my grandma says not to kiss her cheeks, lest they get bigger.  She was taught that being raised in India.  For some reason I think that’s just an old Indian wives tale?  Dhara has one dimple, and it’s on her right cheek — a precious little surprise to us all.

[crocheted beanie with mauve flower, from Banner Boutique + Indian floral quilt, from A People United + blue floral quilt, from Sundance + smiley pudgy baby, handcrafted by Susie Mey.]

flower child.

Our little flower child started smiling on her own this week — this week being her 5th week of life.  It’s either a darling smile at the ceiling fan, or a knowing smile and a little coo when we talk to her.  She obviously thinks we’re very funny.  It’s so darn nice to know that she knows us.  Involuntarily she smiles when she’s dreaming.  And she’s got the cutest dream smile dimples — makes you just want to eat her up!  Aunty Zuma got this photo of a little smile right before she let out a great big wail. 

[felted flower headband, from Pink + Pigtails + vintage inspired petticoat dress, from Comfy Kid + blue floral quilt, from Sundance.]